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Saturday, November 15, 2014

What good is a bathtub?

I know that we've all bathed children and maybe pets in bathtubs, but really! After the children get to a certain age, I'd guess that most of us use the shower much more often than the bathtub, right? Why am I pondering this? Because a decent-sized black cloud was hovering over my house this past week. First there were complications when I wiped my hard drive clean of stuff that had accumulated for the past decade or so; the complications stemmed from a hardware conflict with a peripheral that had gone bad, but it took days of troubleshooting to figure that out. Whew!

No sooner was I finished with that and enjoying the fruits of my labors (a trimmed-down hard drive!), than the black cloud chortled and struck again. I have -- or had -- a tall bookcase in my sewing room. The bookcase was pretty much full of books, but what are you supposed to do with a bookcase, after all? At any rate, in the completely innocent process of removing a book for reference, the shelves collapsed. Naturally, my thumbs were caught between shelves, and books went tumbling all over the place. With my husband out of town (when else would something like this happen?*), I was faced with unloading the rest of the shelves alone, which I did. This is what the floor of my sewing room looks like now -- making it impossible to get to the closet where I keep most of my supplies.

So what's the problem, you ask? It isn't all of the books! Enter the bathtubs -- both of them. 

I decided to get the bookcase completely out of the room so I wouldn't have to look at its bare bones, so I started sliding it across the floor. It's taller than the door frame -- but you knew that was coming, didn't you? Okay, push it back into the middle of what's left of the floor and tip it onto its side before resuming the slide. It couldn't make the tight turn through my laundry room into the garage, where I planned to stash it for now, so I slid it out my front door, down the sidewalk, around in front of the garage and inside. Good news: I didn't even ding my car in the process! 

The new bookcase should be delivered in a few days -- delivery was a must, since my husband's truck is out of town with him. ;) 

*Little disasters like this one only occur when my husband isn't home; it's a Law of Nature. To illustrate:

1. There was the time that the doorknob fell off of the back door at 6:00PM and a replacement had a much larger "thing" that had to go through the door. I drilled with a small drill bit (didn't have a gigantic one) for hours. 

2. Oh, and there was the time lightning hit the house and the evaporative cooler wouldn't turn off.  Wearing coats in July does seem a bit odd, but I finally found the right circuit breaker. It only took a few weeks for the ceiling to dry out and be repaired.

3. Then there was the time the plumber forced water through a vent in the roof in order to unplug a sink -- and made it "rain" all over my computer and desk. The insurance adjuster and I ended up on a first-name basis.

Those are just the highlights. Life can really be interesting. Sometimes a sense of humor can help. Eventually. ;)


  1. Hope your husband is returning soon, so all the disasters can end! The same things happened to me when DH was away on military duty - everything went perfectly when he was home!

    1. I did say it's a Law of Nature, Susan. ;) But my husband came back today, so maybe things will calm down. LOL!


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