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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend fun

My very good quilting buddy, Phyl, invited me to go with her to attend an event hosted by the Bernina Connection in Phoenix. Coincidentally, one of the owners of that shop, Val, used to be my neighbor when I lived in Arizona, and our children were in school together. As always, Phyl and I had a wonderful time together, made even better by the presence in her home of her two standard poodles, Mollie and Katie, who are adorable and who make it easier not to miss my little Bisou. :)

Over the course of two days we attended *four* classes! We were pretty wiped out by the end of it, but it was a very good state of exhaustion. Such fun! All supplies for the classes, including a variety of Bernina machines, were provided, as well as lunch and a guest speaker each day. There was also a small vendor area, which you can see at the right. The red chair in front, as well as a small Bernina and a Koala cabinet were door prizes! The poster beside the chair was an illustration of a special quilt designed and created by Sarah Vedeler, who was our speaker on the second day.

What did we make? Four different projects! The first was the little blue zippered pouch in the photo to the left. It was the first time I'd ever used a serger/overlocker, and that was fun. Do you see the orange and green curved blocks there? Those are the beginning of a table runner that was the second class on the first day.

On the second day, we made the zippered vinyl project bag in black and white that's shown on the left, followed by the personalized matching double eyeglass case behind it. That case was done almost entirely in the hoop. I just have to finish up the binding on that one, though the table runner still has a lot of work to go. The project bag and zippered pouch are done.

You may also see a pattern called Quilted in Honor behind the curved blocks. That was a gift to all in attendance from Sarah Vedeler, and the black bag in the very back was the zippered tote each of us received from the Bernina Connection. Did I mention how much fun this was? I so appreciate Phyl for letting me attend with her!

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