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Friday, October 3, 2014

Parcel Pullover Sweater

This design by Carol Feller caught my eye some time ago, and I found some yarn I liked for it and went to work. :) The yarn is Malabrigo Rios, in the Solis color. It's a gorgeous yarn!

 I'd only done cables once before, and those were on some rather small fingerless mitts, so this was more of a challenge. There are three cables on the body of the sweater, as well as two more on the sleeves. At the right, you can see the pair of cables on the right side of the front.

And at the left, you can see all three body cables, which are repeated on the back.

Each sleeve has two cables. From these photos, I think you can see that the cables aren't the same style as are usually seen, and they are graduated in length. It's a very interesting pattern!

I actually finished the knitting a couple of weeks ago, but I'd been waiting for my husband to be away so I could block the pullover on the kitchen table without messing up our meals; we have a very small home with little room for spreading out. LOL! However, his plans changed, and he didn't go away as originally planned. I've blocked the sweater on the bed instead, turned on the overhead fan to help things along, and am hoping it will be done before someone wants to sleep there. ;)