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Saturday, July 12, 2014

River cruise — the end

Last year my husband and I visited Amsterdam before taking a cruise to the Norwegian fjords. At that time, I was pretty disappointed not to see any of the "traditional" windmills; these days they are all the modern style, which isn't nearly as picturesque — though I'm sure they're much more efficient. However, our last stop on this river cruise was in Kinderdijk (Netherlands), which has lots of the older windmills! Yay! So this post will be to show you something I'd been waiting for since last year. ;)

One after another, they were lined up for our "inspection". I loved it!

More …

And yet more …

Still more …

Everywhere we looked, there were these wonderful old windmills! The only down side to the day was that the weather, which had been so cooperative all during our cruise, was finally turning. Look at those grey skies! But the ship had umbrellas for us, so we didn't get too wet. :)

The next day was our marathon travel day, as we traveled for 24 hours before arriving home. Naturally, as soon as we'd plopped our luggage inside the front door, we raced to the car and went to get Bisou from where she'd been having the time of her life playing with the other dogs at the sitter's house! LOL! Here she is, recuperating from her playtime with a golden doodle. Our sitter is so good and sends us photos from time to time while we're away. :)

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