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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sheila cardigan and Orvieto hat

It's been a while since I've posted, hasn't it? It's a busy summer! Not much of an excuse, but it's the best I have. ;) I'm working on finishing another little quilt, but in the meantime I've completed a cardigan I started some time ago, as well as a slouch hat that I gave to one of my daughters. The other daughter will be getting one soon.  You can see the hat at the right. It's the first hat I've knitted, and it was fun. :) It begins at the top with some I-cord and then adds increases regularly before ending with some reverse stockinette. It's called the Orvieto hat. The fact that it's slouchy means that it won't have such a crushing effect on a hairdo after having been worn for a time. LOL!

The Sheila cardigan was a lot of fun to knit, but it's hard to see the design in the dark navy yarn I chose. Drat! You'll actually see more by clicking on the link to the pattern. Oh well. It fits quite tightly, more so than I'd really expected, but I still like it. That's a good thing, since I'd really hate to have wasted my time. One of these days, though, I want to get measured for CustomFit so I have a better idea of how things will end up. ;) Unfortunately, no one where I live has been certified to do the measuring, so I'll have to wait until I happen to be somewhere where it's done.

In the meantime, here's a photo that shows the pattern a little better, thanks to the color not being true. The arrow shapes are done by means of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitches. I really like that effect!


  1. Lovely knitting. I'm back knitting as well - cousins raise alpacas, and they had their fleeces spun into yarn, but don't have time to make any finished projects...... DH volunteered me to do some knitting for them, and I came home with 9 skeins of alpaca yarn in 3 natural colours. I have one scarf underway already!

  2. Ooooh, how lovely for you, Susan! I love alpaca! Have fun with it. :)


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