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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Have I mentioned ...

… that I'm afraid of heights? Yup. I used to take students to Europe every couple of years, and it was such fun — until I had to go up into the Eiffel Tower or something else that was very tall. Cue the wet palms and racing heart — I just tried to breathe deeply and endure. LOL! Given time, I could work my way from the central "spine" of the Eiffel Tower to the outer edge, which is enclosed by mesh to prevent people attempting to fly. ;) However, I wasn't really comfortable.

Fast forwarding to the present day, I've just come home from a cruise to the Caribbean, which I booked with several friends in order to take quilting classes onboard. We were on an enormous ship, the Oasis of the Seas, and they have a zip line onboard. Okay, I figured that, if I was ever going to do a zip line (and I'd heard they were really fun), this would be the best place to do it, since the ship's crew has a vested interest in keeping the guests alive and well, right?

My husband of almost 42 years pooh-poohed the idea, never believing for a minute that I'd actually go through with the plan. But I DID! And I have the video to prove it, courtesy of one of my friends.


That's me in the crash helmet and harness! I have to say that, once I got past the part where I had to look down (way down) in order to plant my feet for the "launch", it was really fun sailing over an open space that ended about a dozen floors below me.

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