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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Diamond Delight

Diamond Delight is the name of the quilt designed by Carol Doak for the cruise on which she taught this spring. It was originally designed with 6" blocks, but I shrank mine down to 2". I began the paper piecing of the quilt during the cruise, and then I finished it at home.

My next challenge was to decide on what quilting motif I wanted to use, but I eventually decided to try out some curved crosshatching, using a ruler from Accents in Design. This ruler is made for use on domestic machines, and it really works well! I used it with my Bernina, and I'm quite happy with the results — I suspect I'll be investing in more of their rulers soon.


  1. The quilting really compliments the quilt; great finish.

    1. Thanks, Kat — it was a fun experiment, and I hope to do more soon. :)

  2. Beautiful job, Sandy! Love the fabrics and your curves look great!


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