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Monday, May 19, 2014

Cruise Projects

During the cruise I told you about in my last post,  I took two classes. There were actually three, but some of my friends and I did take one day off to explore the ship and try the zip line. :) The first class was paper piecing with Carol Doak, and the pattern was called Diamond Delight.

I liked the design a lot, but I decided to miniaturize the pattern, so I printed out foundations with 2" blocks. I like to do minis for some things, and this was no exception. Doing a miniature by means of paper piecing is very doable! This quilt is going to be about 16" square when it's quilted.

The second class was with Marsha Bergren, who was teaching the Twister technique. The pattern she'd chosen came from her book and was very nice. However, I'd seen another pattern online that I completely fell for, so I planned to do that one. Luckily for me, Marsha is very generous and had no problem with my change of pattern. This one came from the Quilt Moments site and was designed by Marilyn Foreman, who accomplishes amazing color effects with the Twister technique.

Again, though, I decided to make it small, using the smallest Twister template. The blocks are 1", and the quilt will be about 22" x 18.5" when quilted.

Now that I have finished these two, I have *four* tops awaiting quilting. The hardest part of quilting for me is deciding on how I want to quilt a top, so this will take some serious thinking.


  1. Wonderful job on the Twister Illusions quilt Sandy! Love your paper pieced project, too. Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing. Marilyn

    1. Thanks, Marilyn! I appreciate that. :D


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