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Friday, April 18, 2014

Water Lilies

I've been forgetting to add this quilt to my blog and my "regular" web site. It's called Water Lilies, as the colors I chose for it reminded me of Monet's paintings. I began the quilt in a class well over a year ago, but the class was extremely disappointing, as can happen from time to time. The instructor simply didn't teach; she spent most of her time chatting with those students in the class whom she already knew. Oh well.

I put the pieces of this project away for more than a year before getting them out and working on them again — sometimes a pause is necessary. ;) The quilt ended up being 45" x 45", completely machine pieced and machine quilted, and of course I added corded piping, as I do love to do. At the right is a detail of the quilting; I did swirls in the background areas to suggest water, and I did petal shapes in the circles.


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