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Monday, April 14, 2014


Last weekend my husband and I flew to San Francisco to meet our younger daughter and her fiancé for a weekend of wine tasting in Calistoga. We'd never done that before, and we loved it! The scenery was gorgeous, the weather was beautiful, the company was great, and the wine delicious.  This is the path to one of the wineries we visited, though not the first one. Didn't I say it was gorgeous?

Here is our group at the first place, which was the Cosentino winery. We'd just arrived and had our first sip. As a general rule, each couple shared a tasting, so we only had a sip or two each. That kept us from collapsing after just a single visit. ;)

These are some of the huge barrels where the wine rests until it is bottled. We saw more and more of these in different wineries. I don't think there will be a shortage of wine very soon!

This wall of bottles was a focal point of the Charles Krug winery — very impressive!

The Duckhorn winery lined up a row of glasses for our tasting; the others we visited stuck to one glass for the assorted varieties, merely reusing it.

Our daughter's shirt had a cutout in the back that was perfect for holding a wine glass. LOL!

We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast, Fanny's in Calistoga. The owner, Deanna, made the most incredible breakfasts!

Deanna also had three adorable dogs, all rescues. This one was the newest addition, coming from a kill shelter, and he was just as affectionate as could be.

The other two looked as though they might be brothers. This one likes to "talk", and he also loved any attention we felt like giving him.

This one was the "top dog" and loves to cuddle. As soon as my husband sat in an easy chair, he hopped aboard.

Don't think, though, that the dogs were pests. We requested that Deanna let them out for us to play with and pet; otherwise, they stay in the private portion of the house.

This last photo is in the living room of Fanny's. It's a beautiful antique Grandmother's Fan. Quilts turn up almost everywhere, don't they?

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