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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fiesta progress

Remember this post? Since then, I made the painful decision to redo that border, so I bought more red  fabric for the narrow strips and more white for the background. This time everything seems to have gone much better, as the fabric didn't bleed as I spritzed out the blue markings. Yay! :)

Once I'd then appliquéd this border onto the center square, the next step was to cut out a lot of colored circles to scatter onto that border. I'm now at the stage of hand appliquéing those circles into place. There are a lot of circles to do!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New stove

Don't you just love it when you have big plans for a project, and something interferes and ruins it all? About a week ago, I decided to bake some bar cookies for a friend, and all went very well at first. Before taking the pan out of our oven, I did the toothpick test, as suggested in the recipe, and it came out just right. I cooled the pan for a few hours and then began to cut the bars. Oops. They weren't baked all the way through, after all!

Undaunted, I resorted to an old and trusted recipe for lemon bars, but I put a thermometer into the oven on a whim. Oops again. The temperature was registering a lot too low — which explains the previous problem. I adjusted the temperature control, and the lemon bars came out almost perfectly, thank goodness.

We'd been having a few "issues" with the stove, but I hadn't really had a failure up to then. My husband said that we weren't going to fool around with trying to get it fixed, since it was about 15 years old, so a couple of days ago our brand-new stove was installed! :) This is the first time I've had a convection oven (it does conventional baking/roasting, too), so I'm sure there will be a bit of a learning curve, but it all seems very nice so far. The center burner grate can be replaced with a griddle, and that makes my husband happy, since he likes to make breakfast. Oh, and it has a temperature probe for roasting meat, so I'm very pleased about that, too. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


How do you make a choice???
A couple of days ago an old friend came to town to attend a convention. She is the reason I began going to Houston each year for the big quilt show. Sadly, we hadn't seen each other in several years, as she lives in England — it's not all that convenient to get together. ;) At any rate, we spent all day Monday together, and it was lovely! We did some catching up, some shopping, some talking, some eating, some chatting — you get the idea. LOL! The day came to an end all too soon, but it was so nice while it lasted. Oh, and they apparently don't have The Cheesecake Factory in England, so that's where we had lunch. Guess what was for dessert! ;)