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Friday, February 28, 2014

Uh-oh ...

I've been working on my appliqué project from the Karen Kay Buckley class I took at the Phoenix AQS show earlier this month. I finished the center block by hand and then began work on the outer border, which has seventeen quarter-inch strips applied to each of the four sides before joining those into a hollow square and adding another strip at each corner.

Once I'd finished the appliqué of these border sections, which I did by machine, I joined the four sections and then realized that I'd better spritz them before pressing these seams and adding those final strips, since I had blue wash-out marker showing in some places. That's when the problem arose.

Despite prewashing that red fabric, it bled all over the white background! Ack! It's difficult to see in this photo, but there's pink in far too many places to be able to cover it all up with the planned appliquéd circles. The borders also look pretty wrinkled, since I'm afraid to press them after the spritzing, thus making that color run really permanent. I'm waiting for my LQS to get a shipment of Synthrapol; then I'll see if the problem can be fixed or whether it's a lost cause.


  1. Don't consider it a lost cause! If the Synthrapol doesn't get it all out, you have options. I had the same thing happen on a fabric postcard, and I watered down some white Tsukeniko ink and painted over the pink areas. You can't even see the difference. I'm sure just about any fabric paint would work--but watering it down keeps it from appearing too stiff or touched up. You've done far too much work to trash it now! :-)

    1. Thanks Sandy! I haven't yet consigned it to the lost-cause heap, and I really appreciate the tip. I'll look for some of the Tsukineko ink, if the Synthrapol doesn't do the job. Thanks again!


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