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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Travel Jewelry Case

I'm very tired of dealing with tangled necklaces and rummaging through little bags to find my earrings when I travel. I'm guessing that some of you know just what I mean. ;) Some time ago I'd bought a finishing kit, with all of the necessary zippers and other notions that would go into making yet another of Annie Unrein's patterns, this one specifically for jewelry. I bought it, but I never got around to actually making the case. Oops. But that's in the past, as I've been working on it for the past couple of days, and I will now be able to organize my bits and pieces of jewelry when I travel. Yay! It's not as though I travel with (or even own!) a lot of jewelry, but I like to have at least one or two pairs of earrings and a necklace or two.

This case is very well laid-out. In the open view, there are three zippered pockets on the left, as well as a roll for rings and a perforated piece of ultrasuede for earrings. On the right there's another roll for bracelets. There's also a separating zipper at the far right.

The pattern showed the zippers on the left side opening from the left to the right, but I switched that around so that the zipper pulls would stay tidy inside the case.

Opening that zipper reveals a space for hanging four necklaces, which then pass underneath a piece of fabric to keep them flat before they finally fit into an open pocket at the bottom. No more tangled chains! :)

It occurs to me that this case will be very handy for more than jewelry; for example, I could also stash keys in a zippered pocket while I'm away and don't need them right then.

I made a mistake with the velcro closure, so it shows even when the case is empty, but I can live with that. ;)


  1. What a useful item! I've often looked at Annie's patterns, but I think it is time to invest in some of them.
    Love your fabric choice too!

    1. Thanks, Susan! The fabric is a piece I've had for ages and hadn't yet figured out how to use. LOL! The pandas are really cute, and I do like oriental-themed fabrics (and batiks, and …).


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