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Friday, October 18, 2013

Finished Jacket

You may recall this post (with the misspelled jacket name). I've been working on the Elecktra (correct spelling for the pattern) jacket with the hope of finishing it in time to wear for the cooler weather. The instructor for the project, Maria, has been so helpful! I'd been unable to make it to the Saturday sessions for the group making this project, but she's always been very willing to help me when I could stop in to ask what the next step would be.

At any rate, today I finished the jacket, and it's now soaking so that I can block it and — yay! — wear it. It's a little different from the sorts of jackets I usually wear, but I do like it. My husband very kindly took these photos so I could show it to you. The fronts just fold back without fastening, which makes it very easy to wear.
Elecktra front
Elecktra back
By the way, the shop where I purchased all of the yarn for this project and had my lessons is one I "discovered" last spring. It's called Sin City Knit Shop, and it's recently moved into a larger space to accommodate the numbers of knitters who flock there. :) The owner, Debbi, is really welcoming and helpful, too. I feel so lucky to have a wonderful yarn shop and a wonderful quilt shop nearby!


  1. Great jacket. I love all the different angled lines! It looks warm for the cooler weather too.

    1. Thanks, Susan. :) I think it will be a fun jacket to wear — and it is rather warm. ;)


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