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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another Drunkard's Path

Over a year ago, I took a class at a retreat. I wasn't very happy with the class, so I simply put the pieces away until recently, when I decided to finish the quilt on general principle. ;) I've finished piecing the two-part wedges into the "bow tie" sections and am now going to begin putting the blocks together. Then it will, once again, be a matter of deciding what sort of borders and quilting to do! ;)

Those little whiteish bits you see in the quarter-sections are labels so that I know where each one belongs. LOL! Any ideas for a name for this one?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Elektra Jacket

Okay, I showed you some yarn I'd wound on my lovely new swift, but I didn't wind it just on a whim. I'm making a knitted jacket called Elektra, designed by Twisted Sisters. The pattern shows four different yarns, but our local knit shop, Sin City Knit Shop, is having us do it in three, which I prefer. I've finished the first large section, which will become the back, and I'm currently working on the first of the two sleeves. The sleeves are mostly narrow (2-row) stripes in the off-white and brownish-black. Here's that first section, though it isn't spread out completely because I have it saved on cables that aren't quite long enough to allow for that.
At least you can see the colors! :) This project will take some time, I think, but I hope to get a lot of use from it when it's finished.