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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Winding yarn

You may remember that my very generous brother-in-law has made me a yarn swift to make winding skeins of yarn into balls so much easier. Prior to having this, I had to drape the skein around the end of my ironing board and manually unwind it — very slowly and carefully! — a little at a time as I cranked my ball winder. It was a long process, and I was very lucky if I didn't get a knot at some point. Now, however, I can easily wind a ball in no time flat! When I'm finished, the swift folds up into a compact package for easy storage. I'm so lucky! Here are some photos of the first time winding a ball on this swift.

Just beginning …

A little more ...

Almost finished!
This whole process took less five minutes. Yay! :D

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