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Monday, August 26, 2013

Stavanger, Norway

Our final stop in Norway was in Stavanger. We visited a museum detailing how the oil industry works, another museum that showed the sardine canning process, and the old part of town with its wooden houses. This was part of the shopping area — really pretty!

The following day was our final at-sea day, with our arrival back in Amsterdam early the next morning. We flew home that day, which amounted to our having a 29-hour day! LOL! We had gotten up at around 4:00 AM (European time) to get breakfast and be ready for disembarking on time (and because we couldn't sleep ), and we didn't get to bed at home until after midnight that night — which was actually 9:00AM of the following day in Europe. 

One last tidbit about our trip is that I quite accidentally came across two Bernina shops in Norway! Since I'm a Bernina user, this was really a coincidence. This first one was in Haugesund, and I did go inside for a quick look.

The second one was in Stavanger, but this time I didn't go inside, as we were pretty tired by then.

Now it's back to normal! :)


  1. isn't that great you found bernina shops all the way up there ?? you said you had good weather but I see on the photo a jacket with hood, what is the temperature like in Norway.


    1. Joanne, we had *one* day of chilly winds, and that's the day I took the photo with the jacket and hood. The rest of the time, the temperatures were mild (chilly for someone like me from the desert!) and pleasant. However, I'm told we were very lucky, since the group just prior to ours had rain every day.


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