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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


DH and I recently flew to Amsterdam for a couple of days, met up with my twin and her DH, and then took a cruise through some of the Norwegian fjords. What a beautiful trip it was! Our first stop in Amsterdam was an enormous wholesale flower dealership, where they auction flowers from all over the world and then send them out to shops — also all over the world. This photo shows only a very small portion of the warehouse; we walked literally over half a mile to see much of it, watching as the carts of flowers were zipped from one location to another as they were sold.

Of course, we also saw some of the more traditional sights in Amsterdam, including taking a canal cruise in a boat much like this one. Bicycles are a major means of transportation in Amsterdam, and those bikes have the right of way, even over pedestrians — which takes a bit of getting used to. ;)

We were so lucky that the Rijks Museum had recently re-opened after having been closed for renovations for several years. The tours there are done by means of iPods, and they are absolutely excellent!

Naturally, we walked until our feet were tired, but there is also a very good tram system that makes getting around quite simple, and we made good use of that, too.

More photos to come! :)

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