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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Tool storage
I won't claim to be completely organized or compulsively neat, but I do have part of my little sewing room that works very well for me and that I thought might be interesting for someone else. The doorway into this room opens on an angle, which means that the door itself doesn't open flat against a wall. There's a tiny bit of wall space behind the door that isn't good for very much, but it works quite well as a base for a piece of pegboard on which to store various tools. The pegboard keeps things very handy and yet out of the way. :)

As you can see, I have several square rulers at the top left, next to an array of shears and specialty scissors. The item in the green/black bag next to the scissors is a set of compass points that fit onto a yardstick or narrow ruler to draft large curves and circles. There is also a Kwik Klip for pin basting, as well as some old embroidery hoops and a tape measure. Near those are my spools of Aurifil thread (my other threads are stored in boxes in the closet), a row of filled bobbins, and a collection of different rotary cutters (including my favorite Martellis).

Dangling at the very bottom of the pegboard are some spare cutting mats and some odd-sized rulers, though my most-often-used rulers are in a dedicated rack on another wall.

Smaller set of drawers
That leaves only the two boxes to explain, and I really like those! The smaller blue one was a gift over 35 years ago from my late father, and I've used it ever since for little things that might otherwise be lost in a jumble somewhere. As you can see, Schmetz machine needles fit perfectly inside one drawer, but other drawers hold Pigma pens, bias tape makers, a stencil knife, Command clips, and so on.

Recently, however, I was delighted to find a similar box with drawers of slightly different sizes at a home improvement store. Yay! This meant I could "uncrowd" the drawers in the blue box and even add more little notions to the new organizing drawers.

Larger drawers
While the blue box is metal, the new box (grey) is plastic. It probably won't last as long, but it's not as heavy, so that's a trade-off. The drawers in this one are two different sizes, giving me more options for things that will fit. For one thing, the needles from Superior and Klassé fit into these drawers, where those boxes were slightly too tall and wide for the other set.

I also have all of the instructions for my machine feet in a drawer, and stray buttons, various assorted kinds (lots of kinds!) of sewing pins, rotary cutter blades, and empty bobbins distributed in others.

 I suspect I could fill up a pegboard twice the size of mine, as well as at least one more set of drawers, if I only had a place to hang them! LOL!

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