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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A cool drink

My husband has been reworking the fountain we have in our back yard. He raised the base and repositioned the whole thing a bit, adding new plants to soften its look; the bottlebrush was already there, but he added three hibiscus plants. One gives peachy-orange blossoms, one yellow, one red; unfortunately, right now they're regrouping for a new blooming spurt and don't have any flowers to show you.

I guess we're not the only ones who are happy with the new arrangement, however. ;) Bisou has discovered that she can now get at the running water, since the new height means that the plants don't block it any longer. She popped right in for a sip or two as my husband was making sure everything was running as planned. LOL!
Yum! Cool and refreshing!

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