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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A new bed for Bisou

Bisou has never shown any interest in a bed of her own. After all, she's allowed on the furniture and sleeps on the bed with us, so why did she need a bed? I did give her a little quilt to curl up on behind the chair where she likes to lie as she keeps me company in my sewing room, but she was perfectly happy with that. Until recently. My first clue that she might be interested in something more was when she recently began sneaking into the laundry basket and snoozing there.

As a coincidence, I'd bought a pattern for a really cute dog bed last fall, even though I didn't really think I was going to need it. But here was the perfect opportunity to make that bed! It wasn't the easiest project; the pillow wasn't difficult, but the padded "frame" was a bear — mainly because of the bulk. I don't think the instructions were entirely clear, either, but I managed. I did make one change, though; I used Soft and Stable instead of batting in that frame, as I think it makes it hold its shape better. I finished the bed this evening:
The pillow portion of the bed is machine pieced and machine appliquéd, and it's stuffed with a bed pillow. I've had tentative approval from Bisou, though it will take our timid little pup a while to become completely comfortable with her new bed. ;)


  1. Aw... I think your baby loves it! It turned out adorable!

  2. Thanks, CJ! She really does love it — she spends most of her nap times there now. :D


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