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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A beautiful orchid!

Sunday was Mother's Day, as many here know. We have two daughters with five grandchildren between them, and we all spent the afternoon and evening together. The grandchildren all had a wonderful time swimming, and then we had dinner. Daughter #1 prepared a gorgeous salad and a delicious and light trifle for dessert. Daughter #2, who hosted us, fixed wonderful appetizers, followed by grilled salmon, scallops in brown butter sauce, and pasta. It was all soooooo good!

As if that weren't enough, there were lovely cards and even gifts. I now have a gift certificate for a pedicure, as well as a gorgeous new orchid plant. You may remember that I had an orchid for last Mother's Day, but it died. I replaced it with another (a magenta dendrobium), and now I have a second one. This one is a spectacular white phalaenopsis, also known as a moth orchid because of the shape of the blossoms. I rushed right out yesterday and bought a cache pot for it and a plant stand so it would be safe from curious doggie noses. ;)

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