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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I did say this quilt was almost finished a few days ago, didn't I? And it is! I used a new-to-me appliqué technique that I will have to practice more — I have a few "jaggies" that I wish I'd been able to avoid. But this is a souvenir or memento of a trip DH and I took last summer to the Hawaiian Islands. I bought a pattern there, as well as the batik I used in the borders and for the binding. The pattern turned out to be not quite what I wanted, though I did use the leaves from that.

However, the flowers are taken from a photo I found online, making templates from that to come up with this. I did a bit of free-motion stitching to make the stamens after fussy cutting my fabric to give the impression of darker centers on the flowers.

The quilting is all done by machine, too, as I usually do these days. As I explained in my previous post, I did pebbles to represent the earth where the plants grow, with swirls further out and in the borders to represent the ocean around the islands.

You may have noticed in previous quilts that I love corded piping ;), so I added some here next to the binding.

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