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Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday ...

Today is Monday, and it isn't starting out as well as I could have hoped. :( I periodically do a random online check of our credit card account, and today's check showed two purchases neither my DH nor I had made. Ack! Not again! This is the third or maybe fourth -- I've lost count — time, and I'm royally tired of having to cancel the card, dispute the charges, and change automatic payments from the old number to a new one. To make matters more complicated this time, I have two payments that were due to be processed today or tomorrow, necessitating frantic phone calls to those people to explain the problem and promise another call as soon as I have a new account number. Such fun. I've already spent an hour and a half dealing with this, and I'll have another couple of hours to put in when the new card arrives. Why do people think they're entitled to someone else's money? Yes, I know the bank won't make me pay these fraudulent charges, but all of our costs and fees go up to offset losses from this kind of theft.

Enough gloom and doom! On a more positive note, I'm making very good progress on my plumeria quilt, so I should have a completed photo to show very soon. :)

What? No photo yet on this blog post? That's ridiculous! So here's a photo and a little explanation of what you're seeing. Our closet isn't large enough for a clothes hamper, so we just use the laundry basket for that instead. The pile of clothes in there apparently was irresistible to our little Bisou last night, and she curled up on top of them. I couldn't help laughing and snapping this picture! It helped that no clothes or dogs were harmed in the process. ;)
Bisou gets comfy.

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