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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time flies! … and a quandary

I can hardly believe it's been a month since my last post! But I've been busy, and time has slipped away. After finishing the shawl I posted about last month, I decided to teach myself to knit in the continental style, so I researched lots of videos on YouTube (what a great resource!), bought some dishcloth yarn, and set about practicing. I figured that making a mistake on a dishcloth wouldn't be a disaster, and I needed new ones, anyway! Win, win, right?

Latus scarf
The practicing went well, so then I tackled a little scarf, the yarn and beads for which I'd won back in January.  That's now finished; I'm planning to give it as a gift. The pattern is by Laura Nelkin and is called Latus.  I'm pleased with the way it turned out; all of those short rows really add a lot of interest! This is, of course, a closeup of the scarf so that you can actually see what I mean; there are ten of the triangular sections, each separated from the next by a double row of beading. It was made in two "halves" and then put together with kitchener stitch.

Which set?
I do have a couple of quilting projects in the works, of course. My plumeria quilt is still in the "pondering" stage as I debate with myself how I'm going to do the quilting. My original idea has been replaced by another, and I'm currently trying to work that one out. I also have another small project begun — just barely. I found the lovely blue print in this photo and picked some fabrics from my stash to go with it. Then I played with the Double Diamond ruler to make some accent strips, and now I'm having a difficult time deciding which set I like better. What do you think: are the strips with the lighter background  better with the blue print, or are the ones with the dark background better? By the way, that's not a gap between the floral fabric and the one on the left; it's a light print I'll need for this piece. ;)

One last photo to try to make up for my lack of recent posts. This is my sweet little cocker spaniel in one of her favorite snoozing spots — though I woke her up when I took the picture. The chair is in my sewing room, and she loves to be in there with me, either on her quilt behind this chair or on the chair itself. She tends to think the chair is hers! LOL!
Silly girl!


  1. It must be going around - I can't believe that we'll be packing up to head north in a couple of weeks! We don't seem to have "done" anything this winter, although I do have a few quilts to show for my time.
    I love the high contrast of the dark background strip!
    Just had lunch out with my Florida quilt group, and a visit to a new quilt shop in the area. I didn't get anything, but I helped many others find fabrics that they just love!

    1. Thanks for your reply, Susan. :) I like that high contrast, too, but I'm waffling and wondering whether it might be too distracting from the rest of the design. I guess I'll just wait and see what each looks like when I have the center finished. ;)

      Isn't it fun spending other people's money? LOL!


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