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Friday, December 21, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy HIll

We've been reading about and mourning the loss of those 20 innocent children and six courageous adults last week at the Sandy Hill school in Connecticut. Who knows how or why these things happen? I won't get political and say what I think about gun control, but today I found out about something positive that I could do. Who knows whether it will help? But at least I can do something. Two different sites for embroidery digitizing have designed free-standing lace snowflakes and are giving the designs away for those who would like to participate. Apparently, the PTA for the Sandy Hill school will welcome back their students (in their new location) with a winter wonderland theme. To that end, people are sending snowflakes to decorate this school. I will send the ones I made today, and I hope the children and staff at the school will realize how much we all care about them.

This first design is from Embroidery Library. I wasn't sure I liked it as much as the second one, but after stitching it out I can say that I certainly do! :) It's very delicate and sweet.

The second one is from LindeeG, and hers is every bit as beautiful as the first one. It's not quite as delicate, but those hearts are perfect for this!

Both designs are available in multiple sizes and multiple formats for any embroidery machine.  Both sites also have the address for mailing the snowflakes to the PTA.

Mine go out tomorrow.

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