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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cold hands

My hands — and feet, too — get awfully cold, even in the comparatively mild climate where we live. Sometimes they get so cold that the shade of white they turn makes them look dead. Ugh! I've worn gloves for years, of course, but sometimes gloves get in the way of doing things that need "direct finger contact". As a result, I've been looking at the patterns of cute fingerless mittens, and I finally decided to go ahead and make a pair in hopes of keeping my hands warmer while still being able to use my fingers easily. This pattern, called Owl Study Gloves, was posted on the Alpaca Direct blog. I've never received yarn as quickly from anyone as I have from these people! They're amazing.

This was my first time using double-pointed needles, but they didn't all gang up on me and spill their stitches all over the place or stab me unmercifully, so everything worked out well. ;) In fact, the thing I had the most difficulty with was finding 1/4" buttons to use as the owls' eyes! I had no choice of color at all and figure I'm lucky I found any even in plain white. LOL! I used brown thread to attach them to the mittens, just to make my owls look awake.


  1. Sandy, do you find those actually keep your hands warm? I've wanted to try a pair but it's my FINGERS that get cold, so I wondered. Yours turned out beautifully!

    1. CJ, they do help, but — like you — it's my fingers that feel the cold the most. Unfortunately, having my fingers exposed isn't great, but at least these help when I'm at home or in a cold room somewhere else. They don't solve the problem, but they do help.


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