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Monday, December 17, 2012

April Azalea

This little quilt was an unexpected bonus from my quilting buddy. She purchased a Hawaiian-themed two-block kit from Stacy Michell, but she didn't feel like doing both blocks. She did one and gave me the "negative image" version of the one she'd finished. Hers has pink where mine has yellow/blue/green and vice versa.

The blocks are laser-cut and backed with fusible, so all that's necessary is to fuse the motifs to the included background and then appliqué them by machine. I used blanket stitch, and the fun part is that this is done right through the batting and backing (not included), too, so that it's quilted at the same time!

I didn't have a suitable fabric for binding, so I added a facing instead. The finished block is about 17.5" square; it would have been a trifle bigger if a bit hadn't been turned to the back with the facing. Oh, and it really is square, but I had it "hanging" on the curved back of a chair. It was fun to do! :)

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