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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Gift for You!

A few days ago, I was given the opportunity to review a book, and you can get this book free of charge, too! :) The book is Build Your Best Log Cabin, put out by Fons and Porter, and it's an ebook, which means you don't even have to pay for having it shipped to you. You'll just download the PDF and then deal with it the way you prefer: you could read it on your computer, print it (or portions of it) out, or transfer it to your iPad/iPhone/iPod or other tablet or portable device. That's the joy of a PDF document: it's so portable!

As for the book itself, it's only 24 pages long, but it's chock-full of great information and very clear photos. One of its best features is a series of charts with cutting information for the logs. It's so much easier to put together a log cabin block with pre-cut logs! Trying to do so with logs that are sewn from longer strips and then lopped off to size only leads to skewed, wonky blocks. Not fun, as I learned several years ago. ;)

The book has a variety of log cabin versions; there is something to appeal to the traditionalist or the more modern quilter. There is also a bit of history of the style, and there are variations from such quilters as Ricky Tims and Marti Michell. As a final touch, there are lessons on making piped binding and on how to do a smooth binding.

So, you say you'd like to have this book? Great! As I said, it's a gift from the Fons and Porter site and can be found here. Enjoy! :)

Update 2/6/2013: I've just changed the link to a corrected copy of this ebook — I hope this hasn't caused any problems for anyone.

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