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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back from Houston

I've been home for almost a week from the "really big show" in Houston, and I think I'm finally almost caught up. ;) It was wonderful, as always! I love everything about it: the gorgeous quilts, the amazing vendors, spending uninterrupted time with friends — some of whom I only see at this event — and the classes. I usually take zillions of photos of the quilts, but then I file them away and never use them again. This year I decided to simply enjoy the quilts, rather than taking pictures, so I don't have many to show. However, there was one very special quilt there that I simply had to recall; it was the Arizona Centennial Quilt, made by some very talented quilters in Arizona to commemorate a special anniversary.

The woman who had the vision for making the quilt and who did most of the organizing to get it done, Wanda Seale, was my roommate this year, and my very good friend Phyl contributed to the making. The quilt is actually two quilts, front and back, separately quilted (by different quilters) and then attached to each other. This is the front of the quilt, showing the state flora, fauna and topography.

And here is the back. This has the state flag, nickname and seal, as well as lists of past governors and the volunteers who contributed. There are also images of the state flower, bird and mammal.

The flag, seen here, was made by my friend Phyl.

These last two photos show areas of the state that are special to me. The first shows the southeast section, where I grew up (Tucson) and where I lived much of my adult life (Douglas).

And this one shows the northwest corner of the state, including Hoover Dam, which is between Arizona and Nevada, where I now live.

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