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Friday, September 21, 2012

Two kinds of fun

Wednesday I was one of a group who drove to St. George, UT, for their state-wide quilt show. A quilt show is a strong incentive to put up with single-lane driving through a construction zone, and with six of us in the vehicle there was lots of chatter to keep us entertained. :) The show itself was a little smaller than we'd expected for a show that encompassed the whole state, but the quilts were lovely. Then, of course, there was the shopping! ;) We did a little shopping with the vendors at the show, but then we went out for lunch and continued on to the Superior Thread place. Wow! What fun that is! The ground floor is floor-to-ceiling shelving with thousands of different threads. I've been there before, but it never fails to make my jaw drop to the floor. However, since the last time I was there, they've added Mother Superior's Fabrics to the upper floor. Wow again! But do you know what one comment was repeated over and over as we came home? It was simply how nice everyone there was, even though we weren't buying as much as some of the other shoppers. :) At the left you can see the sum total of my day's purchases. The two batiks in front were from the Clover Patch Quilt Shop's stand at the show. The pink batik at the back and the deep blue print next to it, as well as the needles and threads, were all from Superior. 

Okay, that was one kind of fun. The second one came about today. I was expecting my new iPhone, and that was an adventure. I was watching the tracking online and knew it was due to arrive this morning, but the UPS truck came to my neighborhood and left again without stopping at my house. Imagine my surprise (to say the least) when the online tracking said it had been delivered! The problem was that the person who signed for it wasn't me. Uh-oh. UPS was singularly unhelpful, saying that they couldn't track the package but that it had been delivered to my address. Wrong. Luckily, I have some very honest neighbors! They signed for the package without looking at it and then realized that it didn't have either their name or their address on it. The new iPhone is now safely at the right house. ;)

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  1. Yea that your phone made it to you safely! Sorry that I missed you at the quilt show, we were on the bus trip and I tried to keep my eye out for you but our schedule changed and well, you know how it goes. My stack of goodies is a little taller than yours :-)


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