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Monday, September 17, 2012


I've shown you this quilt in progress a few times, but it's now finished! I'm really happy with the way it turned out, though it doesn't quite fit on the wall where I'd planned to hang it; it's a little too long. That's okay; I'll figure out a solution. ;)

What's really funny is that I happened to run into someone I know at an "event" on Saturday at "my" Bernina dealership, and she's the one whose quilt I had so admired that I bought this kit — and it's very unusual for me to buy a kit; I think I've only done that once before.

I quilted this mostly in gold metallic thread, going through a few little glitches when the thread wasn't very cooperative and either broke or kinked. Still, I think that was the right choice. I did use black at the very top and bottom of the central panel, quilting swirls in the top and leaves in the bottom portion. However, the rest is all done in the gold metallic thread. In the central panel and the four outer corners I outlined a lot of the motifs to make them stand out; they were printed with a gold outline, and I think this just emphasized that. The border blocks had me puzzled for a time, but I finally decided simply to do curves on each side of each block; anything more intricate would probably have been lost in the design of the fabrics. I did add some corded piping between the outer border and the binding; I really love that effect on most of my quilts.

This quilt also has only the second embroidered label that I've done, and I think I found an appropriate motif to add to the text. I was very lucky that a good friend had lots of embroidery thread and let me pick out the colors I needed; there were ten colors in all, with almost double that number of thread changes to complete the label.

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