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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas (google for more links) is an area that not enough people know about or visit. The setting there is just beautiful, and there is a little "village" with shops and apartments. We've gone out there several times for various events, and one of those events netted me a gift certificate to eat at Xing, a latin-oriental fusion restaurant. My husband and I decided to use the gift certificate this past Friday, so off we went.

Upon arriving, we first went to The Auld Dubliner for a pre-dinner drink. This is — obviously — an Irish-themed pub, and it's very enjoyable. This is a view of the front — very picturesque, don't you think? Of course, we were inside, since the weather is still rather warm here, but there is also outdoor seating.

Once we'd finished there, we headed across the sidewalk to Xing. I thought that the idea of mixing latin and oriental cuisines might be a bit odd, but I was wrong. In most Mexican restaurants, customers are immediately served chips and salsa while waiting to order and enjoy their meal. Here, we were served tiny chips with a choice of three dips. Hmmm … can you tell that we enjoyed those dips? ;) One was a Chinese-style mustard, another was a slightly spicy sweet-sour concoction, and the third was a very hot sauce — which my husband adored. As for me, I stuck to the other two. ;) My husband also enjoyed a beer, while I ordered a glass of the restaurant's sangría. Yum! 

The dinner I ordered was so delicious that I almost forgot to take a picture! My husband ordered some little ribs (he loves ribs!) that came with rice and a macaroni salad. He also ordered kimchee, which was really fun. My own choice was a tuna tartare that simply melted in my mouth. I loved it!

After finishing our dinners, we discovered that a little still remained of the gift certificate, so we shared a generous serving of the restaurant's mango ice cream for dessert. I love mango in almost anything! All in all it was a delicious meal in a lovely setting, and I hope to return again in the not-too-distant future.


  1. It sounds like you had fun. Where I live there is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is a combination of Chinese and Mexican but it has a much different feel. It is more relaxed and the food is more street food. It was featured on Dives, Drive Ins, and Diners.

  2. I may have made Xing sound fancier than it was — it was definitely a relaxed atmosphere. :) And hole-in-the-wall restaurants can have wonderful food, too! :)


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