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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another cardigan

I've mentioned before that I've taken a couple of knitting classes from Craftsy, and I've just finished another one. This one is called The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan. LOL! That's a real mouthful, isn't it? But it involved "playing" with different lace knitting motifs and incorporating them into a cardigan or shrug — all according to how we wanted the finished garment to look.

The class was excellent, and I had a great time figuring out which lace patterns I wanted to use; it was very easy to determine how to adjust the stitch count in order to change lace patterns, and the instruction was quite thorough. :) In fact, I had such a good time playing with the lace motifs that I may have gone a trifle overboard in using them. ;) This cardigan is actually a dark burgundy color (the hazards of ordering online — I'd wanted a bright red), but the lace shows better in this photo where the color is lightened and brightened. I didn't like the only buttons I could find, so I've left them off and may end up adding hooks instead.

As soon as I get organized, I'm going to begin yet another class, this one dealing with knitting beads into the patterns. That's really going to be a stretch for me, since I'm not usually much for "embellishing" — the "E" word, as a friend of mine puts it. ;)

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