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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lace sleigh

Last night I attended the second of three mastery classes for machine embroidery. We learned more about placement in the hoop and how to use stabilizers and that sort of thing. To practice, we made free-standing lace ornaments, and I chose to do a sleigh. It was lots of fun watching the process as my machine did the work, and I'm amazed at the result! Seeing what the others in the class did was just as much fun. Of course, I'm planning to use this embroidery module mostly for quilt labels, but it's still good to know what else it will do. I'll have to wait until August to take the third (and last) class in this series, due to other commitments, but that will be a fun one, too, I'm sure.


  1. Cute sleigh! I haven't had a chance to try free standing lace ornaments yet. I wish my dealer had offered a series of classes on machine embroidery. Did you purchase the special software for the advanced embroidery features?

    1. Thanks, Amy! :) My dealer does a great job on mastery classes for the Berninas they sell. :) I didn't get the software; my module came with some free software, though I can't digitize with that.


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