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Friday, May 11, 2012


Tea mats
Yesterday was the day for the regular meeting of my local quilt group, which is always fun. :) One of the members usually gives a "mini-class" for us to make something new, or we can simply work on our own projects and visit with each other. This time one of our more talented members gave a lesson on how to make an easy mat, including napkin tucked into a little pocket, that can be made with many different themes. Most of us used "coffee" or "tea" as the theme, but it could just as easily be a wine theme, a margarita theme, or even something completely unrelated to beverages, like a holiday. 

Coffee mat
Frustratingly, my lovely little Featherweight sewing machine, which I'd carefully cleaned and oiled prior to going to the meeting, decided to rebel yesterday. After much fiddling by several of us, I finally decided to throw in the towel and take the machine in for servicing. That left me with three of the little mats all cut out and ready to assemble, so that's what I did last night after I came home. Two of the mats I made are tea-themed and one is coffee-themed, and they will be gifts later in the year. Aren't they cute? They're just the right size for a small plate of snacks and a cup or mug of something to drink.

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  1. I'm just perusing the net at the moment to get ideas for a swap I'm participating in...and these are great, might have to 'borrow' the idea and make some for gifts.



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