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Monday, April 30, 2012

They come in threes ...

That's bits of bad luck, of course. ;) It all started with the plumbing in our home, which had been built with the wrong plumbing fittings. As a result, we had to have the entire house re-plumbed: three days of noise, mess, and stress — all followed by massive cleaning sessions by DH and me to get things back to normal. Ugh.

Part two was when our credit card was hacked. I wrote a bit about that here, and now I'm using shielded envelopes for my sensitive cards. Not very convenient, but effective.

Part three was just this past week. Our refrigerator's compressor was in its last death throes, so our home warranty company sent out a crew to replace the compressor. They were due here at 6:00PM on Friday. It took them a couple of hours or so to get the old compressor out and open the box with the new one. That's when they discovered that the new compressor was larger than the previous one; why couldn't they have looked before they arrived? The larger compressor does fit our refrigerator, but it needed more freon than they'd brought with them (see why I think they might have needed to check before coming?). Do you know how many supply places are open at 8:30PM on a Friday evening? Yup — none. 

I had to leave the refrigerator unplugged all night; I couldn't open it at all, since I was trying to prevent cold air escaping and the resulting food spoilage. The repairmen promised to be back by 9:30AM Saturday with the necessary freon. Fine. Except that they didn't get here until after 1:30PM! By that time, since I couldn't leave for fear of missing them, I was getting pretty hungry. It's a good thing one of my daughters came by with some leftovers from her previous night's dinner. ;)

But all's well that ends well. The refrigerator is purring happily, I have a new credit card, and the plumbing seems fine. Whew! I think we've had enough bad luck for the time being, don't you? ;)

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  1. Our Florida home had problems with the plumbing fittings as well. After the second repair, our plumber told us about a class action suit, so we submitted our info, and after an interview, the plumbers showed up and re-plumbed the whole house at no cost to us, and refunded our repair bills as well! Ours was one of the last claims accepted at the time. We were very lucky!
    Now that your "threes" are over, it should be smooth sailing.....


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