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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It seems as though I've been working — on and off — on this quilt forever, but it's finally done. :) It's my Swap Baskets quilt that began as a swap (October, 2010) of signature blocks among the members of my local group. I had no idea what I was going to do with the blocks, but I wanted them. LOL! Then a half-square triangle block swap (July, 2011) was proposed, and I had the idea of using those blocks to make the signature blocks into baskets. This quilt measures about 70" x 87", and it should be very nice for curling up under when the weather gets chilly again. 

I machine quilted this with feathers in the cream strips and in the outer borders. The baskets are outlined, and there are echoing triangles quilted into the black setting triangles. 


  1. A striking quilt - so modern, yet traditional. I love the contrast with the black and cream!

  2. Wow -- it's absolutely delightful :-).

  3. What a GREAT way to "disguise" signature blocks. I know I have a group of them somewhere... I think they would look great done this way. Thanks for sharing on the Info EQ.

  4. Thanks for sharing on Info-EQ - I'm going to suggest this swap for my guild! Who knows what may come up for a design?

  5. Very nice, Sandy. What a great way to combine two different swaps. Clever.
    BTW, thank you for leaving your blog URL as part of your message from the EQ list... that's how I found you!


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