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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another fun day

Yesterday I attended an "event" at my local quilt shop, which is also my Bernina dealer. It's Quiltique, and it's a great shop. :) They hosted a sort of workshop where we could get a little hands-on practice with the new Bernina 500-series machines. The practice resulted in a journal cover for each of us who attended, and I really like mine! I didn't buy a new machine, but I have a friend who's considering doing it. My journal cover is at left, and the back is below:

We had so much fun with the built-in embroidery stitches and couching down various trims! I don't have the embroidery module for my Bernina, so it was really interesting to watch my monogram emerge from the machine. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


A very good friend of mine invited me to go to Disneyland with her — just two adults sort of living a second childhood. ;) Naturally, I jumped at the chance! We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, and this is the view we had from our suite. 

Everything — and I mean everything — was in keeping with the Disneyland theme, from the print on the sheets to the faucets in the bathrooms.

We arrived last Saturday, just in time to see snow on the mountains, the result of a massive storm that hit that day. In fact, our timing wasn't really so bad, since the weather gradually improved over the course of the next few days while we were there, and we completely missed the rain — unless you count the floods of water we drove through on the way there.

I can't begin to tell you all of the things we did, but we had the best time ever! This was the first time we'd done anything together that wasn't quilt-related, but we laughed and had a ball. Each day we left the hotel and walked under the sorcerer's hat to get to Disneyland or the California Adventure Park, and each day we came back again with aching legs and smiling faces. 

We saw everything from rides to plays to a fantastic water show — and, of course, various characters. We took our photos with each one we could find, so here I am with Donald Duck, my friend's very favorite! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New project

I'm still quilting my basket quilt. It's taking me a long time, mainly because I'm not doing any really fun quilting on it. I've already done some feathers in the plain strips, but the basket blocks are getting simple outline quilting, and that's just plain boring. :S Still, it will get done. 

In the meantime, I've also started another Craftsy class. :) The first one I took was really great, resulting in two lace shawls (Skywalker and Clarus) that I just love. This time I'll be making a cardigan with some lace touches, and the whole thing will be custom fitted — if all goes well — to my particular shape and tastes. I'm using a cotton blend yarn called Shine Sport, and it really does shine! Who knew? ;) My yarn is white, since I figure I'll get lots of use out of a basic color like that; the AC in so many places here in the summer is downright chilly!

Last night I knit up the two swatches above to see which size of needles I should use, and I really like the feel of the finished samples. The sweater itself will be started soon, I hope. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I haven't had much to show anyone in the past week or so, but today I finished knitting a little pullover. I used baby alpaca yarn in a very pale pink, and it's so soft! I probably need to steam the seams a little to get the little ridge out, but it will be ready for me to wear this week, I hope. 

The sweater has a boat neck and kimono-style sleeves, and the ribbing is twisted to make it really stand out. That ribbing continues all the way down the sleeves. Other than that, it was simple stockinette stitch.