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Monday, February 20, 2012


No, this isn't a post about food. ;) Remember that retreat I blogged about in January? One of the classes I had there was from Susan Cleveland and dealt with using her corded piping in curves within blocks. Prior to this, I'd only used the piping next to the binding of my quilts — but I loved it! These blocks were really easy to make, but I think the effect is great. Here's my finished quilt: 

It's only about 28.5" square, but I think I'm going to put it into my car to use when Bisou takes a ride; she can't help getting road oil (and we have so much road oil here!) on her paws, and then it gets on the upholstery. This should help and will be lots easier to wash. ;)

I couldn't do a lot of quilting on this project, since the piping would not have "shrunk" as the quilting makes happen; I'd have had strangely bulging results. But here's a better view of one of the blocks. See the piping around the red "macaroni" shape? I did, of course, also add piping next to the binding. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quilters are the nicest people!

I belong to a great group of quilters here where I live; we're the Green Valley Quilters. When I first joined the group after moving here in 1999, we had a telephone "tree" to inform each one of what we needed to bring to the next meeting. It was a royal pain! The people who did the phoning had to catch each member at home at a convenient time, read off a list and wait for it to be written down. It was time consuming, to say the least, and no one really wanted to do it. 

Enter the internet. After some discussion about privacy issues and that sort of thing, we switched to an email list, and I began sending out messages for our monthly meetings. After all, how long does it take to write one message and tell an email application to send it to everyone in a specific group? I've been doing it for about ten years now, and it's never been a problem. In fact, it's been fun, because I get to know everything that's going to happen! ;)

We had another meeting today — this time with a surprise I didn't see coming. One of our members, Brenda, had organized the others to bring in FQs of lovely batiks, all as an unexpected thank you for what I've gladly been doing! I am still overwhelmed.

Look at those gorgeous colors and designs! I'm going to have such a good time using these! :D