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Monday, January 16, 2012


I've just spent a few days at a retreat I'd never before attended, and it was great! It was a smallish retreat (compared to some), with only about four classes each day, but it was so well organized that I was really impressed. Our rooms were very nice, and breakfast and lunch were provided, as was a neck wallet, complete with notepad and pens for jotting down information. 

My friends (there were four of us) and I took only two classes each, one of which we all took together. That one, a curved piping class with Susan Cleveland, was well worth the trip all by itself! I really enjoyed that entire day, especially. 

Can you picture yourself spending a day quilting while looking at this view out of the window? Pretty nice, isn't it? :) I'll post a photo of my project from Susan's class as soon as I've finished the top.


  1. Is that Lake Havasu by chance? It's a beautiful view, regardless. I'd love to take a class from Susan Cleveland - I think her technique is something I COULD manage on my own, but how much more fun to learn from the expert!

  2. Great guess, Louise! Yes, it was indeed Lake Havasu — and I hope to go back again next year. :)

  3. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to seeing your project soon.


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