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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

As promised — and more

I actually have two finishes to show today! :) First, I promised a photo of the finished top from yesterday's post. Before I show you that, though, here is a photo of a couple of the 6-inch "macaroni" blocks we learned to make in class. Do you see the piping that follows the curves? It really adds a great accent! 

But here is the finished quilt top, and I'll be adding more piping after it's quilted; I love piping next to the binding. That background fabric is pretty busy, isn't it?

The next thing I have to post today is a real finish from yesterday. That is, it's quilted, bound and labeled. This is the result of a class I took in Houston in November. It was a class on machine trapunto given by Philippa Naylor, one of my very favorite teachers. She gave us lots of wonderful tips on how to get great results, and she also gave us some patterns to use. I combined elements of a couple of those patterns to come up with this result. 

The center is heavily stippled with pebbles to bring the hearts and wavy border into relief, and I tried to echo the heart theme by turning the border feathers into something resembling hearts. And, of course, I added piping next to the binding to give the quilt a little color accent — and because I really like piping! 

The color in this detail photo is much closer to the color of the actual quilt. This little quilt is about 21" square.


  1. The piped blocks are neat. I really love her piping tool for making piping for the binding. Your quilted project is great too. Looks like a very successful retreat.

  2. I like the pebbles! I tried them on a quilt once but didn't get them even so the quilt was wavy. I need more practice.


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