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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another top

At the retreat I mentioned recently, I took a second class. I won't say too much about it, as it wasn't my favorite for several reasons. However, I've now finished the top begun there (it's fused appliqué), though I am still debating whether or not to add borders. That would complicate matters, as I don't have enough of the flower fabrics left, so I'd have to find a "just-right" fabric somewhere. At any rate, here's the top, which I'll quilt when I've caught up on some other projects. 


  1. Really pretty! Sometimes a top needs to simmer a bit before the right solutions comes to mind. I've had a few classes where the most important thing I've learned is that a technique or teacher is just not for me :-)

  2. Love the colours, but sorry about the class....

  3. Wow that is sooooo pretty! Too bad about the class...

    The first thing that pops in my head is that you don't want a border to detract from those gorgeous flowers. But then I thought what would look really nice is some tiny blue piping and a wide black border. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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