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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little more complicated ...

Some time ago, I heard that there were skins available — even custom ones — for certain models of Bernina sewing machines. Unfortunately my Bernina 630 wasn't on the list. :( However, I then learned that the reason was that removing the skin might damage the faceplate, and that replacing that faceplate would solve the problem. Yay! I ordered the new faceplate and a skin, both of which were very reasonable in price, and settled down to wait. In a relatively short span of time, both arrived, and that's when the complication arose. No one had mentioned (even to my dealer) that replacing the faceplate was somewhat tricky, involving circuit boards and that sort of thing. Now, I used to repair Mac computers, so I'm not really afraid of circuit boards, but I was really nervous about doing this without any instructions and without the proper tools. Drat! But onward I marched. 

The skin I chose wasn't the one I'd originally envisioned, which would have had my grandchildren on it. But there really wasn't a way to get all five of them into the space provided without at least one of them having a nob for a nose. ;) So into the breach stepped our little Bisou. I am very pleased with the quality of the skin and the ease with which I was able to apply it to the faceplate! In fact, several of the people at my dealer's shop thought it had been baked onto the faceplate. The tech there spent a couple of hours getting everything all in order, and I'm absolutely delighted with the results! Do you want to see? Here you go:

Skin showing Bisou

Just click on the photo to get a larger view. Can you see how well Bisou fits the available space? Here's a close-up of the main portion of the skin:


This is such fun to look at — I can hardly wait to do a bit of quilting this afternoon! Just in case this has inspired you to want something similar, go to this part of the Bernina site and select one of their available skins or design your own! I love mine. :)


  1. What a wonderful idea. I don't have a Bernina but, if I did, I would get that done.
    Those eyes. Aren't they soulful.
    Have a wonderful Christmas,

  2. That really turned out great! I have one for my Activa 220 but I will say that would make me possibly want one for my 630! Nice job!


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