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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time flies ...

… even when you're not having so much fun. ;) My poor little dog injured her back seven weeks ago and has been on enforced rest (and a couple of meds) since then. She and I both are about to go stir crazy, since I feel so bad for her that I stay home with her most of the time these days. We had another visit with her vet today, and he wants to continue the rest for another one or two months. I was so sure she was going to be given a clean bill of health today! But the vet is being very conservative, since Bisou has had back problems before. I trust his judgement, but it's still disappointing. :S

On a more cheerful note, a friend of my husband's makes little plaques out of wood, and he made us this cute little cocker head! :)

I'm sorry that the color is a bit off; the wall behind the head is actually white, and the lightest part of the ears is almost white, but they both look pretty yellow in the photo.

To keep myself busy for the next several weeks and while I wait for my current quilt project to "jell", I'm thinking about learning to knit. That should be fun!


  1. Oh Sandy, I'm sorry to hear about Bisou's back. The Chiweenie Brothers send some healing kisses to her!

    The wood plague you posted is a wonderful art piece - too cute. Does the friend do any custom work to sell?

  2. At least your furry friend was able to be treated with medication and rest. Our last furry family member had to have back surgery, and then a long road of recovery, with lots of physio included. Fortunately, our son spent most of his summer vacation massaging the muscles, and doing the exercises, and she did end up walking and jumping, almost as before the injury.


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