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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I haven't had much to blog about lately, but I did finish a couple of projects. One is a gift I can't post here, just in case the intended recipient happens upon my blog, but it's a little pin cushion for an exchange with an online group of quilters. :) The other is also a gift, but it's for someone who doesn't have a computer, so I'm pretty sure she won't see this before Christmas. ;) 

I found some scrumptious alpaca yarn — actually, a blend of 50% alpaca, 30% merino, and 20% bamboo — that's so soft it's almost like a cloud! I knitted it up on some very large needles to get a more open, lacy effect, and I think it turned out rather well for someone with very little experience like me. Unfortunately, I had no ideal place to photograph it, but I'll show you what I did manage to get. This first photo gives a better idea of the color, which is mostly off-white but with some interesting additions of tans, browns and even a bit of grey-blue.

This one will let you see that the shawl is big enough to wrap up in rather well, as I've spread it over the back of our loveseat. Since the leather on the loveseat is brown, the shawl's color doesn't come through as well here.

This was a fairly easy shawl to do; it was a free pattern (Opal) from Ravelry.

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  1. I'm sure the recipient will love the shawl. We have cousins who have a small herd of alpacas - with the latest addition they have 14. I'll have to get some of their yarn next summer. They send the fleece to a mill to be spun into yarn and sell some, as well as sell items made from the yarn at their local market.


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