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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Current projects

I haven't made a lot of noticeable progress on anything lately, but I do have a couple of projects going. The first is the quilting on my basket quilt. The lines of thread you can see in the photo are just the basting, which I'm clipping as I cross it with my machine. I'm almost finished with the stabilizing quilting, which I'm doing with the walking foot, and then the quilt will have to be put away until I get back from Houston. 

The second project is barely begun. I have some new yarn for a shawl for myself. It's a gorgeous alpaca-silk blend in a very pale blush color, and it's heaven to touch! I've wound two of the hanks into balls so far, with the third still to go. I've been trying different techniques to wind the balls, so it's taking a bit longer than it might otherwise. ;) 

The last "project" is a much shorter-term thing, as I now have my Christmas fruitcakes in the oven. :) I know — many of you promptly thought "YUCK!" as soon as you read "fruitcakes". But good fruitcake is wonderful, and I not-so-modestly think mine is very good. It's certainly nothing like what you find in a tin on the grocery store shelf. :) There will be more holiday baking to come, but these days I'm cutting way back from what I used to make.

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  1. We're fruitcake lovers too! It is too bad that there is so much horrible fruitcake on the market. I didn't make any this year - I'll have to put it on my "to-do" list for next fall!


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