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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wool appliqué

Just over a week ago, I showed you a scissors case I made from wool. Now I've finished a matching pin cushion to go with it. It's rather a large pin cushion, so there will be room for lots of pins, and I'm hoping it will get good use when I send it to a good friend. I'm really enjoying doing some of this for a change; it's nice to have some very portable handwork. 

Soon, though, I should be able to begin doing the machine quilting on my basket quilt; I've given it to another friend, who is going to do the basting on her longarm. Basting is a part of quilting that I simply don't enjoy — though it's not so bad on small quilts. ;) Once this one is basted, I'll bring it home and quilt it myself. :)

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  1. Just stopped by from Quilter Blogs to visit. I'm an appliqué fan so I really liked your wool appliqué. I also used to teach French. I'm working on a quilt with Prévert's poem "Déjeuner du matin" written into it. I may call it "a salute to the passé composé" or something of the sort! And I so agree about retirement.
    best from Tunisia,


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