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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Latest project

I've been AWOL for a time, but I have a good excuse. ;) My twin sister and her husband were visiting us from France! We've had such a good time, but of course blogging went by the wayside. They've left now, though, and it just so happens that my local quilt group had its monthly meeting today. We made what I think will be a very handy little project. Can you see it here?

So, what's so handy about a flat piece of fabric with handles? Can you guess by seeing it all folded up in this photo? It looks like a little purse, doesn't it? But it's not!

Half-open and half-closed, you can see that it's lined with that silver heat-resistant fabric that's used on ironing boards. So this is a caddy for a travel iron, and it just barely fits my little Rowenta travel iron! I think it will be really nice when I need to take an iron to a class or meeting!


  1. I LOVE your project!! Is there any way you would share the directions on making it and folding it?? It is adorable. Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Wow, where does someone obtain that pattern? it is very nice... thanks for sharing the picture... Evelyn

  3. Thanks, both of you! Unfortunately the pattern isn't mine to share, but you can find it at Have fun! :)

  4. Sandy, I found the pattern and then some! I love their mitten pattern. Cute things. Thank you for your help! Happy quilting.


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