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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More hat photos

I've had a couple of requests for photos of my recently-completed hat on me. Ugh. I hate taking photos of myself! But here is the darker side of the hat; please forgive the busy background, as the easiest way to take my own picture is to do it with my computer.

Then I decided to take another, showing the paler side of the hat, but I also wanted a "cooler" background. I just zipped really fast up to Yosemite for this one; it's lots cooler there than here in Las Vegas! ;)

Isn't it wonderful what we can do with computers these days? Anyway, you can see how wide the brim of my hat is, so it's really going to be great for keeping the sun off! :)


  1. Well, aside from the fabrics, it does look remarkably like mine! And I'm sure you'll be glad you put the flannel inside and did the topstitching as I suggested - it certainly gives mine more body. Great looking hat, DT! ;)

  2. Thanks, DT. ;) I don't know about extra stability coming from the topstitching, since the Pellon I used was very stiff, but it certainly does make sure that Pellon won't shift. ;)

  3. Well done, Sandy! You've done another fine job.

  4. Hey Sandy - you and the hat look great! Nicely done.

  5. a beautiful hat on a beautiful lady!!!! thanks Sandy for putting up these pix of both of you. :)
    now that wasnt so hard was it.
    you take a lovely picture at home or in Yosemite, lol.


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